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  1. Mike
    Providing examples of how to use the site and get the most from Local Tutor
    Content by: Mike, 0 reviews, Last Updated: Jul 16, 2014, Last Seen: Jan 1, 2017,
  2. MMu1411
    I am a fully qualified (M.Sc., BSc (Hons)., PGCE. enhanced DBS checked ), experienced, professional teacher and tutor of Maths and Physics. I offer tuition both ONLINE and face - to - face.
    Content by: MMu1411, 0 reviews, Last Updated: Jan 1, 2017, Last Seen: Feb 4, 2017,
  3. Jude Ashworth
    Young enthusiastic recent graduate with a masters degree in mathematics and full enhanced DBS
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  4. Maurice Scholes
    An experienced Secondary school subject leader with a vast experience of students and people ; a student-centred and professional approach including on-line tuition.
    Content by: Maurice Scholes, 2 reviews, Last Updated: Nov 22, 2016, Last Seen: Dec 6, 2016,
  5. Lynn Sweeney
    Fully Qualified Teacher with 3 years+ class room experience - Available in Bristol area :)
    Content by: Lynn Sweeney, 0 reviews, Last Updated: Sep 5, 2016, Last Seen: Sep 5, 2016,
  6. cristinarg31
    Offer Spanish lessons on a one-to-one basis or in small groups to private individuals and companies.For GCSEs,A-levels,University exams,Business or would just like to practice
    Content by: cristinarg31, 0 reviews, Last Updated: Jan 12, 2017, Last Seen: Jan 12, 2017,
  7. englishsolutions
    I have over 14 years English teaching experience with ESOL/ESL • I have teaching certificates in CELTA with Good knowledge of utilizing modern technology in the classroom.
    Content by: englishsolutions, 0 reviews, Last Updated: Aug 20, 2016, Last Seen: Aug 20, 2016,
  8. Marjorie Henderson
    4+ years experience working with primary aged children. I am organised, flexible, adaptable and patient
    Content by: Marjorie Henderson, 0 reviews, Last Updated: Sep 1, 2016, Last Seen: Sep 1, 2016,
  9. Alex Richardson
    I've completed all the sciences and maths at GCSE and A level and completed a scientific degree so am more that comfortable tutoring for any GCSE maths or Science.
    Content by: Alex Richardson, 0 reviews, Last Updated: Jul 21, 2016, Last Seen: Jul 21, 2016,
  10. Alison Bury
    I am happy to teach in my own home or travel to student's homes, up to ten miles in the evenings or at weekends.
    Content by: Alison Bury, 0 reviews, Last Updated: Aug 14, 2016, Last Seen: Aug 14, 2016,