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  1. Harry Singh
    Online Tutor and Assignment Helper for Computer Science
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  2. Paul Sand Singing Lessons
    Paul Sand Singing, Piano, Songwriting & Composition Lessons in Brighton.
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  3. Christine Hale
    Retired teacher, happy to tutor 6 - 14 year olds in Maths and English, as a confidence booster or for those who are finding education challenging.
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  4. Sarah Taylor
    Fast assignment help is the educational service providers who provides unlimited services related to assignment writing in UK to get rid from the overburden of assignments at reasonable charges.
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  5. astartutorali
    DBS CHECKED! My name is Josh, I am studying for my BSc Degree in Reading, working towards a 1st class honours. I achieved 10 A*-A’s at GCSE. Pricing varies from £10 - 45.
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  6. Amy Boyle
    I'm a 16 year old student who is willing to tutor 10-14 year olds in order to improve their reading and writing skills.
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  7. Lavinia Henday
    Hi everyone! I'm a native italian translation student based in Essex. I've been studying spanish for around 6 years and have lots of teaching experience.
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  8. Bethan Ballard
    KS3 and GCSE experienced Maths Teacher/Tutor. Able to teach foundation and higher GCSE Able to teach special needs..
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  9. Daniel Kearney
    I am working on a degree in spanish and International relationa and I have tutored all ages with my warm and enthusiastic approach.
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  10. Rafiul Ansari
    Sessions will be prepared before they take place with the student always leaving with feedback and something to do.
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