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  1. JenSan
    I am a very experienced Mandarin teacher and would like to teach Mandarin in all levels and lessons can be tailor made.
    Content by: JenSan, 0 reviews, Last Updated: Jul 21, 2013, Last Seen: Apr 13, 2017,
  2. Mr Bilal Naseer Qureshi
    Reputed Business Studies Tutor with Innovative Teaching Methodology
    Content by: Mr Bilal Naseer Qureshi, 0 reviews, Last Updated: Jul 19, 2017, Last Seen: Aug 10, 2017,
  3. Chris Daniels
    Personalised Lessons for Individuals and Small Groups.
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  4. SuzieC
    Highly qualified, professional English tutor, happy to tailor the learning to the individual. Experienced with all ages, from primary school, entrance exams, GCSE, A level. I am also an experienced A level and GCSE English examiner.
    Content by: SuzieC, 0 reviews, Last Updated: Jul 4, 2013, Last Seen: Jul 17, 2017,
  5. AndiStephens
    Experienced in one to one tutoring, I work collaboratively with students to improve their grades, build confidence and develop skills. I take a holistic approach.
    Content by: AndiStephens, 0 reviews, Last Updated: Jul 18, 2017, Last Seen: Jul 18, 2017,
  6. Olugbenga
    - An experienced maths tutor with excellent numeracy, functional and literacy skills. - A motivator with excellent behavioural management. - Matured and calm in nature.
    Content by: Olugbenga, 0 reviews, Last Updated: Jul 20, 2017, Last Seen: Jul 20, 2017,
  7. alay82
    Experienced Maths tutor with a great track record.
    Content by: alay82, 0 reviews, Last Updated: Apr 17, 2017, Last Seen: Apr 17, 2017,
  8. ElisabethK
    I have a 1st Class Honours degree in Biomedical Science and 2 years experience of private tutoring, with my particular experience and specialty being chemistry and biology A Level.
    Content by: ElisabethK, 0 reviews, Last Updated: Jul 14, 2017, Last Seen: Jul 14, 2017,
  9. Aston Zorro
    Motivational Maths, Science and Engineering Professional
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  10. zayanmustafa
    I think for teaching one has to come to the level of the student and also one must be aware of the requirement of a student.
    Content by: zayanmustafa, 0 reviews, Last Updated: Jun 14, 2016, Last Seen: May 29, 2017,