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  1. Lorenzo
    Italian tuition from beginners to advanced speakers. Previous experience as a private tutor and additional time spent tutoring at university.
    Content by: Lorenzo, 0 reviews, Last Updated: Jan 8, 2017, Last Seen: Mar 4, 2017,
  2. Lola Tindle
    Young GCSE tutor committed to getting you the best grades possible! £10/hour
    Content by: Lola Tindle, 0 reviews, Last Updated: Feb 18, 2017, Last Seen: Feb 20, 2017,
  3. George Edwards
    Young, energetic tutor who mainly skilled in teaching Mathematics, with also very keen interests in Geography and Chemistry. Who is more than happy to teach at GCSE and A-Level.
    Content by: George Edwards, 0 reviews, Last Updated: Jan 23, 2017, Last Seen: Jan 23, 2017,
  4. Manuela Evans
    The classes are tailored for the needs of each specific learner. They cover writing, speaking, listening and reading. All the material needed is provided
    Content by: Manuela Evans, 0 reviews, Last Updated: Mar 17, 2017, Last Seen: Mar 17, 2017,
  5. Lauren Moore
    Degree educated in French, Spanish and Translation. Have experience of teaching primary school level, GCSE tutoring and one to one adult tutoring.
    Content by: Lauren Moore, 0 reviews, Last Updated: Sep 30, 2016, Last Seen: Sep 30, 2016,
  6. Lucy Tyson
    Spanish, Italian and Portuguese Tuition - Languages University Graduate
    Content by: Lucy Tyson, 0 reviews, Last Updated: Jan 8, 2017, Last Seen: Jan 8, 2017,
  7. Maria Saflagioura
    Passionate with French language,eager to transmit my own knowledge by applying the appropriate methods in order to reach their potential and make learning an entertaining process . Let's try!Essayons!
    Content by: Maria Saflagioura, 0 reviews, Last Updated: Jan 21, 2017, Last Seen: Jan 22, 2017,
  8. waqar mansoor
    I am enthusiastic and qualified teacher with good sense of humor to make studies fun for student.
    Content by: waqar mansoor, 0 reviews, Last Updated: Mar 9, 2017, Last Seen: Mar 9, 2017,
  9. Sarah Longbottom
    Enthusiastic Spanish Tutor - Academic and Interest - Any Level - Any Age
    Content by: Sarah Longbottom, 0 reviews, Last Updated: Mar 7, 2017, Last Seen: Mar 7, 2017,
  10. Fabrizio Zidarich
    I can help you to prepare for the preliminary and graded examinations on bass guitar from Preliminary Grade (for beginners) up to Grade 8
    Content by: Fabrizio Zidarich, 0 reviews, Last Updated: Mar 20, 2017, Last Seen: Mar 20, 2017,